Defeating Fear

“Do not slay your demons, dissect them and find out what they have been feeding on.”

– A Man Frozen in Time

I would like to try applying a medical concept on the topic of fears. In medicine, you always start out with a search for symptoms, which lead you directly to a disease that causes them. Since we know a lot about many diseases, we know what causes them and which treatment to apply. So what if we regarded ego based fears as a symptom of a bigger problem?

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Fighting Fear


“Maybe┬áthe thing you’re most scared of is exactly what you should do.”

– unknown

Let’s take a closer look at how instead of suffering from our fears, we can actually use them to get rid of them.

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Understanding Fear

As I described in my previous post, one day I realized that we are using fear as our motivation when we are procrastinating. But this thought lead me to searching for even more general aspects of it. To illustrate what I found out, I will divide the topic fear into 3 parts: I will differentiate what fear actually is, elaborate a more traditional approach on overcoming it and finally show you an idea I had on how to treat fears by identifying their source and resolving them that way. Continue reading