Why are we so insecure?

In the last months, I’ve been putting a lot of thoughts into the question of how the concept of our self-confidence and insecurity works.
From a logical standpoint, it’s always been interesting to me how we manage to detach our identities from our bodies in order to be able to hate them, to use our insecurities as motivation to shape them. How do we form an identity in our modern society? How can we overcome this endless spiral of self-hatred, blaming and body shaming? Continue reading

fidentia {f}

There once was a girl.
She was brought into her world by parents who loved her.
She had everything she needed to live a perfect life.
She was perfect.

There once was a girl.
She was brought into a world where a man reigned over all his loyal citizens.
A man who reigned over a world that had enough resources for everyone.
A man who reigned with the intention of a common wealth for everyone.
A man who reigned by giving everything in his world a comparable value.
A man who reigned by making people work for valuable things.
A man who thought that this was the only way to make people work for each other.
A man who ended up defining a value for all his citizens.
A man who ended up reigning over people living their lives to chase value. Continue reading


Our life consists of pictures. Little moments when time seems to hesitate just long enough for us to capture them. Adding them all together, we end up with a movie we can neither rewind nor skip ahead. Everything is constantly changing, the people that step into the picture, the motives and the backgrounds.
In the course of this movie, there is one picture we as cameramen will never fully be able to see. It’s going to be one of the most important pictures in the whole movie, yet we will never be able to take a glimpse at it: A portrait of the protagonist if you will, our self-perception. Continue reading